Since I am sharing what I am learning, let’s dive in!  One of the most important tools when making color choices is the 12 color artist wheel.

From this color wheel you can take all the guessing out of your color choices!  This can apply to any color choice you might have to make, not just interior design.  I have always admired people who just seem to get color, know what went with what.  I thought these people had an innate sense of style.  While some of them might have, some of them just used this tool well.  It’s like a cheat sheet!  Let’s start today with the first, and most simple color harmony.

Monochromatic Color Harmony 

the use of the same color in various tonal(light to dark) and chromatic(color intensity)values + neutrals.  This color harmony is one many of us area most comfortable with.  I chose to go this route at my apartment in Florida(a work in progress). My color of choice is a blue green mixed with neutrals(a lot of white walls).  It’s a small apartment, so I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered.  I think the monochromatic color scheme is great for this purpose.

My Florida apartment, a work in progress

Guest/kids bathroom

Guest/kids bathroom

Our kitchen

Our kitchen

The Master bedroom

The master bedroom




   A couple of other examples

The color scheme does not in anyway have to be boring.  It can be calming, fun or exciting depending on your choice of color.  It does not have to be a particular style either.  The use of neutrals both dark and light is also important both balance the room and give your eye a break from color.