Over the past snowy weekend we were  pretty much stuck at home and my news years resolutions…well let’s just say I wasn’t so resolute.  Today I am back on the plan, despite my children being home for a snow day!  I have been lucky enough to find a couple of real life savers when you live in area that either you don’t want  to venture out because it’s just to cold, or can’t because there is 3′ of snow in your driveway! Also huge time savers, I can now get a work out and a smoothie done in under hour. It used to be by the time I drove to a class, did the class, drove to the to purchase a smoothie and got home, the better part of the morning was over.

Now thanks to the Peloton Bike that my husband got me for Christmas(at my request of course!)




I can take classes anytime I want in the comfort of my home.  I loved taking spin classes, so the live class format makes me feel like I am still “part of the pack”.  There are several different popular types or styles of riding that the brand names like Soul Cycle and Fly wheel have made very popular.  While I still love going to classes, when time is tight or classes are canceled due to weather I love having my bike as an option. I am more of a ride to the rhythm type girl, but if you like the competition of a leader board they have they have that.  You can decide how much info you want to see, what type of ride, they have  live classes to sign up for, or if you are feeling like you just want to get it done, no waiting for a class, they have On Demand classes.  My mom is a fan of their “scenic” rides through country sides of foreign countries.  They even have a classes for professional riders to train with.  I burn around 450 calories per 45 min, which for me is terrific!

I am not sure exactly how I came across greenblender.com, but I am happy I did.  I was given a Vitamix(also requested 2 Christmases ago…hmmm….I always said appliances were not gifts…I need to rethink my gift requests). I tried to “juice” but between  finding recipes that I liked, shopping for them…and then the left over stuff that didn’t get used…I gave up pretty quickly.  Enter greenblender.com.  A box like this gets delivered on Mondays.DSC_0247

Inside are instructions, detailed info on each shake, including what the health benefits  and portioned out food to make each smoothie.


Ingredients for one smoothie that makes 2 servings.

You wash and in some cases peel or cut up your ingredients and throw them in your Vitamix or blender.DSC_0295

And you have a tasty smoothie, you get 5 different smoothies in each box, 2 servings of each shake. My only complaints are 1. that I really only need one serving per shake, so I would prefer to pay a lower price for less ingredients.  The cost per week is $49.00, which if you have someone to split the shakes with, is great.  My husband only drinks them if he is here when I make them and my kids have no interest.  2. I would love the option to stick with the lower calorie shakes.  Last week was the first time in 4 weeks I got high calorie shakes, and while they were good, didn’t love the idea of drinking the 450 calories I just burned on my Peloton.  You do get hard to find ingredients and I have noticed a definite improvement in the way I feel. My energy levels are higher for sure and my skin looks terrific.