This past Saturday I had the opportunity to dine at Boucherie. The minute I stepped in the place my heart skipped a beat. Could it be that the gaping hole that has been left in my restaurant line up since Pastis closed was about to be filled? I had such high hopes!

The atmosphere hit all the right notes. From the enoromous gilt mirror hanging over the expansive zinc topped bar to the Chrisptopher Thonet inspired bent wood cafe chairs. The space is impressive for the west village where you are often crammed into small spaces. It was the fomer home of the The Circle Repertery Theatre. There is a butcher countertop and the menu is meat heavy which comes as no surprise as Boucherie means butcher shop in french.

When I saw that the executive chef was Jerome Dihui, former Pastis alum, that was it, I was officially in love at first sight! We ordered a Fromage platter, of course!! Delish! We ordered a couple of ceasar salads which tasted great…but one had a large piece of what I assume was parchment paper mixed in the salad disguising itself as lettuce. Once we got the waiter’s attention it was replaced and a manager was at our table apologizing with in minutes. Some of us ordered the steak frites au poivre, the meat was tender and the fries were crispy perfection. I have to say I preferred the one without the sauce, maybe on the side would have been a good move here. The boucherie burger looked absolutely amazing when it arrived to the table, but was raw on the inside. So there were some kinks, service was ok, but not what I would call attentive. There was a point in the night where the place filled up with smoke, so much so that my eyes started to burn. I am hoping that was a one time problem with their ventilation system, because my clothes and hair stunk of smoke. Since this spot just opened in December I have very high hopes that the kinks will get worked out and this will become a go to…but Boucherie has a ways to go before Pastis is a distant memory.