I just love this amazing trompe l’oeil! Talk about taking a plain white box and turning it into  something fabulous! This apartment in Palm Beach decorated in chinoiserie style was posted on The Peak of Chic blog written by Jennifer Boles ( Jennifer has elegant traditional style). The article appeared in the February edition of House Beautiful written by Lisa Cregan, photographed by Jonny Valiant and designed by Amanda Lindroth. The trompe l’oeil was created by Aldous Bertram. This was a project that Aldous took on sight unseen and had to move into the apartment to complete the project. The results are spectacular! The inspiration was the Chinese bedroom in the Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, England. The article is definitely worth a read.

The word Chinoiserie, derives from the French word chinois, meaning Chinese. The Chinoiserie style became popular in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Its popularity grew as trade with China increased. Aristocrats of the time collected chinoiserie of all kinds to showcase their wealth and worldliness. There was a fascination with everything that came from China, from intricately detailed furniture to hand held fans. One example of this is white and blue Chinese porcelain. In the trompe l’oeil there is an example of the porcelain painted above the door. Here are a few examples of some of my favorite rooms decorated in traditonal chinoiserie style.



What I love about Chinoiserie style is that it is whimsical.  I don’t have one style that I love over all others.  I just love a beautiful environment. I know I am happier and more productive when the environment I am in is a beautiful space.  Chinoiserie style on its own would be way too “themey“.  However, when you mix it in with another style or styles it can make a stuffy traditional room seem lighter or even more current without seeming like you’ve added something that doesn’t belong.  I designed a room with both chinoiserie and English Georgian influences, I had no budget in mind, not my reality, but’s fun to dream.

I used Canva to show the pieces I selected.  Since I am new to blogging I am trying all types of new things, any suggestions on better solutions are appreciated! The links to purchase the items above and other pieces like it are posted on one of my Pinterest boards.

Chinoiserie has inspired a more modern fun and preppy style.

There are plenty of reproductions and chinoiserie inspired pieces on the market today that can be added to almost any interior design to incorporate some whimsy!

When you change the color story to a vibrant one the entire feeling becomes youthful and fun!