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Are we still painting our walls gray and buying gray furniture? Are we still in the gray trend? 

It seems EVERYTHING has been gray for a while right?

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I had the privilege of participating in one of Maria Killan’s Specify Colour with Confidence workshops. During that workshop, I learned a lot about undertones and color trends. According to color expert Maria Killam we are about 7 years into the gray color trend. Of course, it depends on where you live, as trends move into different areas at different rates. How long do trends typically last? It seems about 10 years.  So we are really towards the end of the gray trend. What does that mean? If you buy those gray cabinets that you are seeing all over Pinterest there is a good chance your kitchen or bathroom will look 10 years old in 3 years!

What are we seeing now?  I have been seeing a lot of white walls with richer blues and orange/browns in the forms of leather sofas and natural woods. The dominant colors are still cool but adding in the natural woods and leathers brings a warmth that was missing during the gray color trend.

This stunningly beautiful kitchen designed by Amber Interiors, with white cabinetry, walls and marble countertops, which NEVER go out of style, looks fresh and current. The navy blue works so well with the natural wood because they are complimentary colors.

Image from Studio McGee

First of all definitely check out Studio McGee if you haven’t already. Interior design eye candy at it’s best! In this fabulous what I like to call “California Boho Chic style” the walls are white as is the trim, here we see the use of the blue and orange complimentary colors again, there is blue in the painting, the throw pillows, and accessories.  The natural/orange tone is on the sofa, the armchairs, the shelves and the accessories.   Here we are seeing the gray incorporated as well in the sofa to the right. (So if you bought that gray sofa during the gray trend you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, painting the walls white is a much easier and cheaper way to update!)  All of this is balanced with a healthy amount of white, not only on the walls but in the tables, pillows, built-ins and accessories again.The result is a laid-back, fresh, eclectic but stylish living space.

Image from Emily Henderson

So though technically we are still in the gray trend, we are definitely towards the end of it. If you want your kitchen and bathrooms to stay classic stick to whites. If you want to be trendy and many do, if you jump on the gray cabinet train now, be prepared to feel like you need to update pretty soon. For those of you that jumped into the gray trend head first, not to worry. Luckily the new white trend’s undertone’s will go well with grays, you may just need some white paint (with the right undertones) and some natural elements – natural wood case goods, natural fiber rugs like the one in the photo above, or some cognac colored leather to warm up what you already have.